Miles Richardson

Most days I walk. When I walk, I write. I walked so far I wrote a book. The writing began when I got a smart phone. Somewhat perversely, the technology I was walking away from sparked a new interaction with the countryside. I could walk and think, stop and write. The entire book was written on foot, on iPhone and iPad.

I am an applied psychologist and Reader in Cognitive Ergonomics with several published academic papers on assembly tasks, construction play and nutrition labels. This form of non-fiction work is a new departure driven by my love of the landscape. My professional background is drawn upon in setting the scene for the book, but the main content is more creative. Before writing I explored the landscape through painting - my paintings and more details of my research can be found at When I'm not working, writing, painting or with my family - I enjoy music and walking in and around pubs.

Light over Bamburgh Castle by Miles Richardson

Light over Bamburgh Castle